Wij geven medewerkers en organisaties de tools in handen om te blijven ademen in de busy business. Daarom maken we trainingen en boeken rond persoonlijke energie. Boeken die makkelijk te verteren zijn én die je leren je energie te doseren, je veerkracht te vergroten, en bewustere keuzes te maken om zo jezelf vooruit te stuwen.



Not determined Duracell?
Know that you can do something about your energy level. To understand exactly where you lack power, we've divided everything you want into six categories. Six batteries, which you can check every day to learn how to dose better.

Curious about your energy level? Check your batteries.


Knowing what's charging and discharging you gives you the opportunity to figure out your own manual, the chance to take better care of yourself. During these sessions we will build on The Energy Journal, a book that allows you to better control your energy level. "If you want a certain change in your life, just be the change”. Do you dare to take on even more personal leadership over your own life?


We work out a training on resilience and energy management tailored to your organization. With more than ten? Then we'll discuss the possibilities together.

2 half days
Groups up to 10 pp
Including workbook and tools.


For private individuals we give digital webinars via ZOOM.


2 x 2h
Max 10 pp
Webinar via Zoom.



We offer pragmatic tools around resilience, energy management and personal leadership, always thoughtful and with a touch of humor. These tools form the basis of our trainings, but you can also work with them on your own.

Your Energy Journal

This is not a book, it is a ritual. A practical tool that teaches you how to deal with the different kinds of energy in your life. Self-knowledge is power and this book teaches you exactly how you are in the field of energy. What gives you courage and what absorbs your energy? The Energy Journal has been sold more than 2000 times in Belgium, the Netherlands and Russia.

14,99 €

SING IT - Better Together

A thoughtful inspirational book of music wisdom to celebrate your friends, family, colleagues, team and connections. Handsomely executed with a luxurious linen hardcover. The perfect blend of wisdom and joy.  This edition 'Better Together' is an ode to all forms van relaties: collega’s, vrienden, familie, kameraden, kennissen,…

19,99 €

Mijn Energie Planner

Deze toegankelijke planner – met dagelijkse check-in en check-out oefeningen – brengt je zes energiebronnen in kaart en geeft je een beter zicht op energiegevers en energievreters. Zo maak je gerichtere keuzes in je werk en in je leven.

19,99 €

Which book would you like?


ADEM® IN BUSINESS was founded with great enthusiasm by Leen Adams and Karolien Emmers. We both experienced in practice what it is like to climb out of a burn-out, get up again and continue with a straight back. Since then we have studied various disciplines that help us and you to manage your energy and exchange it with others.

Leen Adams is of the butterfly type. Colorful figure, loves the beauty of fragility and is always looking for cross-pollination. As a Commercial Engineer and Doctor of Applied Economics, she has over 15 years of experience as a strategic marketer and business consultant for SMEs and corporates. Along the way she followed coaching courses at Arcturus, Trust For Business, Walk Your Talk, Open Mind and Notice The Difference, among others.

Karolien Emmers

Karolien Buckets is more of a curious meerkat. She makes almost as many books as she reads. With Studio Kemmers she writes books for and about Belgian family businesses, a job that combines her penchant for a good story with a background in Product Development and how to bring ideas to life. 


Vragen, suggesties, interesse in een training, tool, of nog iets anders? Altijd welkom.